What Are Commercial Lenders Looking For? Demystifying Loan Requirements

At Big Sky, we like to dream. Our very organization started with a vision for excellence in commercial construction. As we saw the need for teams that make up our design, build structure, we continued to push ourselves to learn, grow, and excel. If you are passionate about your business or calling, you are probably right in the middle of a big dream today. Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with proper planning. —Thomas Edison Dreams generally involve growth. But how can you be sure the timing is right for your particular business or organization to grow, to… Read More

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Will the Design-Build Method Take Over?

The desire for one-stop shopping is everywhere. We have become a nation of streamliners and practical thinkers. Smart players in every industry have been silently rethinking and repositioning themselves for success in today’s economy. What does that look like? Businesses are hand-picking leaders and putting together powerful multi-discipline teams that can handle all parts of a project within one entity. The concept of an interdisciplinary approach is really nothing new. It has been modeled again and again in every business sector. Is this a monopoly? Or is it business excellence? The only way to truly answer this question is by… Read More

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