Firm History

Mike & RyanWhen planning for the construction of a building, it’s easy to predict its success or failure. The right design, site location, materials, financing, and construction teams in place will produce expected results. It’s not as easy to connect the dots when laying the foundation of a business. Prior to starting Big Sky, Mike and Ryan worked under the mentorship of their father, Lou Regina, who poured 35 years of experience into the foundation of his sons. He instilled in them the importance of working hard, but more importantly, working smart. He showed them how to develop, acquire financing and construct a building.

After 10 years of working with their father, Lou identified that it was time to release Mike and Ryan to start their own company. It was at that time, Big Sky, a full solution commercial construction firm, was born. Big Sky’s foundation grew from a passion and a vision that cannot be taught. It’s something that is woven into your DNA. Taking their first proposal and $5,000, Mike and Ryan used their years of experience plus their ability to assemble and inspire strong teams and began the first phase of Big Sky, in 2003. That first step of faith was founded on the cornerstone of integrity, which has continued to this day. It is evident in everything Big Sky does, from the relationships they build with each client to the standard of excellence they hold themselves to on every job.

Mike and Ryan Regina

At Big Sky, we know that legacies aren’t built in the big moments. They’re built every day, with each decision we make. Through the years our focus continues to remain on putting our clients first, exceeding their expectations, and providing the best value, innovative ideas, and creative solutions without ever compromising on quality. We believe these are the keys to true success and the reason why our clients don’t leave. They become a part of the Big Sky family, and we become the team that drives the construction end of their vision.” — Mike Regina

We have numerous success stories, and each one inspires us to continue to grow and improve so we can continue to serve our clients’ needs. Living Faith is just one testimony of the way we align ourselves with the vision of our customers. Starting with a gymnasium to expand the capabilities of their school, we then designed and built their new church sanctuary just a few years later. Growth continued and Big Sky then built their high school, coffee shop and bookstore, playground and parking lot expansion. That clients choose Big Sky to walk with them on their journey says more to us than any portfolio or degree ever could.” –Ryan Regina

As we partner with you, and your business becomes a part of our history, we commit to continue that first foundation of excellence which began in 2003.