Whether your project involves a new church building from the ground up, a church expansion, or a renovation project, Big Sky partners with and walks you through the process every step of the way.

Discover – Your church may be ready to grow, but what type of growth is right for you? Formulating a strategic plan is the first step to the success of any building project. At Big Sky, we begin with your vision and conduct a thorough needs analysis to identify all strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We then prepare a clearly laid out plan that will take you from site selection and financing to floor plans, construction and project completion.

Develop – Our seasoned team of experts provide critical insights during the project development process. Taking into consideration your unique ministry needs, budgetary considerations and growth projections, we work all elements into your design plan without sacrificing value or compromising the details of your vision.

Fund – Our financing services division helps you ‘count the cost’ by establishing a realistic budget, and providing a financial strategy that reduces time, fosters cost savings and ensures a successful loan program. Taking you from vision to completion within your financial parameters is one of the trust foundations our team is built on. Using years of industry experience with numerous church development projects, we place a high priority on our proven ability to manage risk, and to place you on a clear path to success.

Build – We take our keen knowledge of the industry along with our unique communication and development strategy to ensure nothing is lost during the process. We understand that the actual construction stage is where a lack of organization, planning, leadership or communication can lead to major delays and extra costs for you. Our entire mission and goal is to foresee and avoid these issues, and we have a shining track record of project excellence to showcase these goals.

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The Big Sky Commitment

Before and after photos are nice, and we certainly have them, but no picture can truly relay what goes into a construction project. For every satisfied client and outstanding building, there’s a story. Challenges were met. Innovative ideas came forth. There was teamwork, integrity and exceptional commitment. At Big Sky, this is our passion. Our team is fully committed to rise to each new challenge with a determination that produces remarkable results, and lifelong client relationships.